Still not really satisfied…

“Thought I’d something more to say…”

Not quite sure how to do much of anything on here still. I see Gaysians is now following me, can’t figure out why but hope I can come up with some fun stuff.

They still haven’t told me what I get for paying $180 dollars a year and if I don’t get any REAL help soon I will probably scrap this idiot thing and definitely not renew next year.

I tried following some dork on YouTube who only made it worse. I should have just kept to the free plan. As you can see this is what is currently making me hangrier than usual.

The political shit show that is that orange, ass-hat-buffoon that thinks it’s a president and his maga-maggots, does make me as a gay man more nervous than ever.  And now fucking Grammarly is fucking up. I’m done with it. I just want a simple spell checker and these ass hats don’t have one either.

Now On to Some juicier Stuff

I had some other posts that got lost in draft land that dealt with movies, philosophy, belief… but they are gone. Now that I’m officially PAYING  for this privilege I hope to do more and to GET more support.

One of my big bugaboos is my change of religious thought. I was a funny mentalist Christianist  but am now a born again pagan with Sufi/Human/Agnostic leanings. I have a wonderfully complicated spiritual background since my “graduation” from a spiritual school some 15 years ago. For me to get more into that background I would have to say that I came to find that as a species with a bent towards spiritual matters we are more a worshiper of tools than of deities. Our bodies are tools, our belief systems are tools, our most passionate hobbies are tools. Tools – those things or ideas that assist us with staying alive both physically as well as psychologically/spiritually – what we live for. We know that we are not the only tool using species on this planet but we tend to make our tools more special than most other species make theirs. Religion is just a tool – nothing more and nothing less. We often call these kind of tools mechanisms i.e. coping mechanisms, healing mechanisms, social mechanisms etc.

Some forms of religions teach us to rely heavily on some of those mechanisms and some teach to use them only when needed and then let them go until they are needed again – these latter religions also warn us about getting habituated and or addicted to those same mechanisms. Christianity is of the former school of “though” and you could say that Buddhism/Taoism are of the latter. An interesting note is that you can get addicted to all these forms and not realize it.

Bring Back Night Court!

Bring back Night Court! A crazy, silly TV show from the 1990s, how I miss it!!!! It started the more intelligent, magical-realism/fantasy absurdly humorous genre which includes other shows such as Scrubs, Brooklyn 911, 30 Rock, Barney Miller, 3rd Rock and was a welcome departure from the grossly cliche 70s/80s dreck that proceeded it i.e. Different Strokes, The Facts of Life, Good Times, The Jefferson’s (these were more along the lines of “magical Melerdramer”)etc. There were some ground breaking shows like All in the Family & Maude, mainly by Norman Lear (though the spin offs cited above were of lesser caliber) and Mary Tyler Moore in the mid to late 70s/early 80s.

Night Court had much better writers, directors, producers, characters and actors/comedians than the previous sitcoms (most of the Lear ones excepted) AND it strove to unburden itself from the trite formula and overly used canned laugh-track. Don’t get me wrong, Night Court also borrowed heavily from the past decades sitcoms but more in a way so as to parody or out-right mock the past and maybe even fondly memorialize it in a strange way.



Maybe this isn’t such a good idea…

I guess I should spend a little more time posting here but I like “ranting” in the comments sections of my favorite YouTube channels. I get little to no response there and have found out that if I say really nice things that I them get ignored. I used to get more response from negative things but even that has slacked off.

I also would like for this blog to express my other “interests” in “life” and what the hell is up with all these “quotation marks”???? Ah-hem such as my spirituality and take on religion and atheism my major “position” being that I’m NOT religious and AM spiritually inclined and I’m not an atheist but do have more in kind with “them” than with traditional theists. Do atheist exist??? Well of course the fuck they do!! They hold up in their little atheist houses, and drive their little, hybrid atheist cars and eat their little atheist food while petting their little atheist dogs and cats and go to their little atheist concerts while waving their little atheist banners and then go blog or vlog on their little atheist laptops and attend their little atheist jobs… Yes this is a BIG elaborate joke on how most Anti atheists characterize atheists and make stupid statements like,”Atheism is just another religion!!” or “There is no such thing as an atheist!!!” Boy they sure like to use those exclamation points a lot don’t they? Well this is one of my interests. More to follow soon…

An Opening Salvo

Trying this out to see if I like it and if I like it then maybe I’ll continue with it.

Let me say that though I’m primarily concerned with gay men and Bear culture in particular I do, of course, have lesbian and other female friends that I like to include from time to time.