I still got a year and 4 months to write on this steaming pile of sh*t site so I might as well…

As I sit here at a FarFucks and write down my frustrations with this Blog "hosting" service that I PAID for but doesn't seem to want to post anything without me having to pay a LOT more I can't help but want to scream till my voice is gone but I won't give those assholes the satisfaction but I will recommend that people find another service that is essentially free and when you find it won't you tell me too????

Wow this FarFucks has really good sandwiches and blueberry scones! The ice coffee is mediocre but passable. I really don't mind the reggae playing in the background while the two person crew is cleaning up an hour earlier than what they should be I guess because I'm the only customer typing on his big old fat ass Dell laptop. I would have used my smaller "netbook" but one of my roommates broke it - luckily it isn't all that expensive but it still bummed me the fuck out. I bought it so I wouldn't have to lug around this 20 pound behemoth and could then write ever more discreetly and not worry that some barista would get pissy and ask me to leave even though I spent $15 on drink and food just so I wouldn't feel guilty for using their pretty okay "free" WiFi. I guess I'm just old fashioned that way like I still have to use a mouse because fucking track-pads are shit and skip around while I'm trying to put down profound fucking shit, ya know? I can't believe - no wait - yes I can, that this stupid "Premier" blogging sites on-board dictionary doesn't have the word "pissy" in it. I made sure that it got entered before I get too pissy for my own good. It stills amuses me that most all word processor apps and writing tools with dictionaries - damn this blueberry scone is good! - either don't include or refuse to include cuss words, curses, common Spanish surnames/or say all foreign surnames are misspellings! It pisses me off! Well I've almost finished my wonderful blueberry scone. I have to say that their coffee isn't the best. When I'm in San Francisco I now go to Peets or Bulldog coffee. I only go to BearBucks (the one in the Castro that was named by IBR Attendees in 2009 or there abouts) for cruising and meet-ups. I've scored there quite a bit but my regular died about four or five years ago. God I miss him. A power bottom if ever there was one. His last boyfriend and I played a little but we were emotionally and intellectually on different planes of non-existence. San Francisco has radically changed over the last decade but I still love it, wish I was there now. The Big Turkey is a fucking bummer and a half. I'm considered too fat here and REAL bears are scarce as all fucking hell. What's a "REAL" bear, you ask? Great question but this is all in my own non-humble opinion - a REAL bear will always have a beard, none of this, "Being a bear is an attitude!" Fuck you and the whore bitch you rode in on!! Beard WITH a fucking mustache! I despise mustache-less beards!! They look stupid as all fucking hell!!! NO! Ah FUCKING HELLZ NAH!!!!!!!!!

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