Pride and STILL Prejudice

My first GLBT (this is the old Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transvestite moniker – that we were identified by in the mid-80s) Pride March/Event was in 1984 – Albuquerque Pride and I was 26 years old, slimmer, slightly buff (my legs were extremely buff!) and full of hope and optimism. Boy has a LOT changed since then.

Now I am a Bear – large and not as hairy as I would like to be, diabetic, hypertensive, not really all that buff any more and tired of the continual homophobia/heterofascism. More about this later…

Well it’s a lot later and I’m tired of social media that seems to cater to young, skinny ass white, straight males and their female counter parts.

And along those lines in the LGBTQ circles – twinks, fat-shaming-muscle Nazis, ageist and/or racist assholes. I still can’t understand the racism rampant in mostly the gay male culture. My old tagline from my far past college days was, “I’m the UN when it comes to mens!” So many beautiful, sexy men of all ages, body types, ethnicities, and skin colors. This is seen or heard about a LOT less in lesbian circles but I’m sure it happens some even with them – I don’t really know because I’m not a woman or a lesbian but I’ve seen a lot more inclusivity with women and lesbians in particular. There is another topic for another post and I WILL explore it with as much sensitivity and honesty as I can muster.

Do I still believe in showing LGBTQ pride? You bet your bippy I do! I have shed most of my naivete and know that I still carry some bigoted baggage that requires work on my part. Everybody is wonderfully flawed and perfect at the same time and though I’m not as open as I was when I was younger I am bit wiser and willing to explore with precautions – what I’ve learned that is NOT acceptable or tolerable any longer i.e. racism, heterofascism (homophobia is not strong enough any longer!), sexism, genderism etc. however – there needs to be tolerance for those who are ignorant due to misinformation and upbringing who WISH to unlearn intolerance and rejection and relearn tolerance and acceptance for those not like themselves. I have absolutely NO tolerance/acceptance for funny mental (fundamental) “Christians” “Muslims” “Jews” fascist “Atheists” anti-feminists or others who reject us and wish us harm. There are plenty of orthodox, accepting religious persons whom I will listen to and have meaningful conversations with.


2018/2019 Movies I have seen and liked thus far include: Incredibles 2, Avengers Infinity War, Avengers End Game, Captain Marvel, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, Can You Ever Forgive Me?, Teen Titans Go to the Movies, Hotel Transylvania 3: Vacation, Rocket Man, and Spiderman: Far From Home.

2018/2019 Movies I have seen and didn’t find to my taste or flat out despised: Mary Poppins Returns, WonderPark(?), Missing Link, and Dumbo.

Movies that were pre-2018 that I saw and wished I hadn’t were: The Live Action Ghost in the Shell, Alien Covenant, Blade Runner 2049,

Movies I have yet to see that I want to see are: Akira, Tokyo Godfathers, My Name, and many more.

I hope most of my friends in the LGBTQ community have had a good Pride Month and that they keep on keeping on!

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