Still not really satisfied…

“Thought I’d something more to say…”

Not quite sure how to do much of anything on here still. I see Gaysians is now following me, can’t figure out why but hope I can come up with some fun stuff.

They still haven’t told me what I get for paying $180 dollars a year and if I don’t get any REAL help soon I will probably scrap this idiot thing and definitely not renew next year.

I tried following some dork on YouTube who only made it worse. I should have just kept to the free plan. As you can see this is what is currently making me hangrier than usual.

The political shit show that is that orange, ass-hat-buffoon that thinks it’s a president and his maga-maggots, does make me as a gay man more nervous than ever.  And now fucking Grammarly is fucking up. I’m done with it. I just want a simple spell checker and these ass hats don’t have one either.

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