Bring Back Night Court!

Bring back Night Court! A crazy, silly TV show from the 1990s, how I miss it!!!! It started the more intelligent, magical-realism/fantasy absurdly humorous genre which includes other shows such as Scrubs, Brooklyn 911, 30 Rock, Barney Miller, 3rd Rock and was a welcome departure from the grossly cliche 70s/80s dreck that proceeded it i.e. Different Strokes, The Facts of Life, Good Times, The Jefferson’s (these were more along the lines of “magical Melerdramer”)etc. There were some ground breaking shows like All in the Family & Maude, mainly by Norman Lear (though the spin offs cited above were of lesser caliber) and Mary Tyler Moore in the mid to late 70s/early 80s.

Night Court had much better writers, directors, producers, characters and actors/comedians than the previous sitcoms (most of the Lear ones excepted) AND it strove to unburden itself from the trite formula and overly used canned laugh-track. Don’t get me wrong, Night Court also borrowed heavily from the past decades sitcoms but more in a way so as to parody or out-right mock the past and maybe even fondly memorialize it in a strange way.



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