Maybe this isn’t such a good idea…

I guess I should spend a little more time posting here but I like “ranting” in the comments sections of my favorite YouTube channels. I get little to no response there and have found out that if I say really nice things that I them get ignored. I used to get more response from negative things but even that has slacked off.

I also would like for this blog to express my other “interests” in “life” and what the hell is up with all these “quotation marks”???? Ah-hem such as my spirituality and take on religion and atheism my major “position” being that I’m NOT religious and AM spiritually inclined and I’m not an atheist but do have more in kind with “them” than with traditional theists. Do atheist exist??? Well of course the fuck they do!! They hold up in their little atheist houses, and drive their little, hybrid atheist cars and eat their little atheist food while petting their little atheist dogs and cats and go to their little atheist concerts while waving their little atheist banners and then go blog or vlog on their little atheist laptops and attend their little atheist jobs… Yes this is a BIG elaborate joke on how most Anti atheists characterize atheists and make stupid statements like,”Atheism is just another religion!!” or “There is no such thing as an atheist!!!” Boy they sure like to use those exclamation points a lot don’t they? Well this is one of my interests. More to follow soon…

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